Other Products

Let us be protectors of nature, protectors of one another and of the environment.

– Jorge Mario Bergoglio

As a group of companies, we also trade in other products.

Crude Oil

Our extensive networks with producers, oil majors, and end users allow us to participate in the global crude oil market. We traded over 3 million tonnes of various crude oil streams since incorporation. This includes VLCC Middle Eastern Crude oil cargoes, Oman crudes via the DME, LR size African crude arbitrage cargoes to the East, and regional Far East crudes. We actively hedge our price exposures through the crude futures/swap derivatives markets.


We trade light to middle distillates, covering Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Diesel, and Gasoil in the Asia Region. We have established strong supply networks with regional refineries and oil majors. Our products are sourced from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. Sea swift, our shipping arm, works closely with our desk to charter suitable vessels that meet each load port and discharge port requirements. We focus on our customers’ needs, tailoring the trades to meet our customer’s specific requirements in delivery location, quantity and we offer flexibility in financing and pricing.

Marine Fuel Supply

Kairos’ Heavy Distillate/ Marine Trading Desk was established in April 2015. Leveraging on the strong support from credit and financial institutions, as well as close partnerships with reliable cargo suppliers and logistic operators in Singapore, we are able to offer practical and efficient solutions to our clients in both the supply of physical energy as well as risk management.

Base Oils, Bitumen & Petrochemicals

Leveraging our extensive experience and robust regional network, we possess the capability to source and distribute petrochemicals (BTX), aromatics, and base oils in both bulk quantities and smaller packaging options. This includes base oil packaged in flexi bags and bitumen supplied in drums.

We source PET, RPET, HDPE and other polymers from various established supplies in the region to meet the requirements of our buyers in Oceania.

Aviation Fuel & Lubricants

Our aviation business involves specialised supply of Avgas 100 LL and Jet Fuels in customised quantities.

For lubricants, it covers a comprehensive range of speciality lubricants for aviation, as well as those for industrial use such as greases, turbine oil, hydraulic fluids, etc.

Petroleum Coke

Petroleum coke, also known as pet coke, is a carbonaceous solid derived from oil refinery Coker units or other cracking processes. Both commodities are widely used in the energy and heat generating sector, fertilizer manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, metal processing, and other chemical processes.

We are currently trading more than 300kt per annum, as one of the main distributors in the region, our stockpile in at Port Lumut, Malaysia allows us to deliver the cargo via road transport, small barges, and big vessels to any port. We can supply multiple grades of Petcoke which are sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia, The Middle East, US, and Taiwan. Our major trading network is Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China & India.