Dry Bulk Shipment
Dry Bulk Storage
Break Bulking and Repacking

Dry Bulk Storage, Break Bulking, Re-packing and Shipment for Fertilizer and Biomass

At Kairos Oil, we take pride in providing comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire supply chain for our customers. Kairos Oil specializes in the efficient handling of bulk shipments, encompassing a wide range of dry bulk cargoes. Our operational capabilities extend from smaller loads of 3,000MT to larger capacities of 50,000MT, utilizing jumbo bags, flexi bags, containers, barges, and bulk vessels.

Kairos Oil excels in providing break bulk services, adeptly managing the transportation of large cargoes that require splitting into smaller units, including pallets, ISO tanks, containers, drums, or bags that is complemented by specialized handling, packaging, or documentation.

Our extensive network and expertise allow us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring reliable and cost-effective transport solutions for their bulk cargo needs. In addition to our shipping services, we have our own yard with ample storage capacity, enabling us to offer full control and management of all your shipments at a very competitive rate. To ensure the highest quality standards, we have on-site supervisors who oversee and maintain strict quality control measures for the handling of all cargoes from our yard.